Sentence Examples

  • From the point where the southerly continuation of Anti-Lebanon begins to take a more westerly direction, a low ridge shoots out towards the south-west, trending farther and farther away from the eastern chain and narrowing the Buka'a; upon the eastern side of this ridge lies the elevated valley or hilly stretch known as Wadi et-Teim.
  • M., and may be roughly described as an elevated tableland, intersected by lofty mountain ranges, with their main axis trending from N.W.
  • Wide, lying partly in Wyoming, and with the main axis trending almost north-west and south-east.
  • At Cape Town, increases to the east, the coast not only trending north towards the equator but feeling the effect of the warm Mozambique or Agulhas current.
  • Wellington's left, under Hope, watched Bayonne, while Beresford, with Hill, observed the Adour and the Joyeuse, the right trending back till it reached Urcuray on the St Jean Pied de Port road.