Sentence Examples

  • "What is that?" she asked as the tremors grew stronger.
  • Lead poisons the muscular and nervous systems, and gives rise to paralysis, wasting, colic and other symptoms, while in the case of mercury, tremors, salivation, anaemia and very marked cachexia are induced.
  • Tremors of the muscles more or less violent accompany the cold sensations, beginning with the muscles of the lower jaw (chattering of the teeth), and extending to the extremities and trunk.
  • This instrument, which has a magnification of 2200, detects the slightest tremors, and is consequently most useful in recording earthquakes of distant origin; its high sensitiveness and complications, however, militate against its common use.
  • Earthquakes and earth-tremors grade into one another, and in almost every earthquake there is some tilting of the surface.

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