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  • Ferguson, "Travancore Batrachians," J.
  • ALLEPPI, or Aulapalay, a seaport of southern India, in the state of Travancore, 33 m.
  • CAPE COMORIN, a headland in the state of Travancore, forming the extreme southern point of the peninsula of India.
  • At Travancore he is said to have founded no fewer than fortyfive Christian settlements.
  • Pahlavi inscriptions' found on crosses at St Thomas's Mount near Madras and at Kottayam in Travancore, are evidence both of the antiquity of Christianity in these places (7th or 8th century), and for the semi-patripassianism (the apparent identification of all three persons of the Trinity in the sufferer on the cross) which marked the Nestorian teaching.

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