Sentence Examples

  • The monstrous serrated bill that so many toucans possess was by G.
  • Many species of humming-birds are found even far up in the mountains, and great numbers of parrots, araras and toucans, beautiful of feather but harsh of voice, enliven the forests of the lowlands.
  • The most complete compendium on toucans is J.
  • The so-called hill-toucans have been separated as another genus, Andi-- gena, and consist of some 5 or 6 species chiefly frequenting the slopes of the Andes and reaching an elevation of 10,000 ft., though one, often placed among them, but perhaps belonging rather to Pteroglossus, the A.
  • The tail is capable of free vertical motion, and controlled by strong muscles, so that, at least in the true toucans, when the bird is preparing to sleep it is reverted and lies almost flat on the back, on which also the huge bill reposes, pointing in the opposite direction.

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