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  • The cleansing of externals and the tithing of garden-produce, He declares, have usurped the place of judgment and the love of God.
  • (3) Demai, or rather Dammai (" doubtful "), on doubtful cases relating to the tithing of fruit offerings.
  • When a person who was accused of any crime was not forthcoming, inquiry was made whether he was in frankpledge; if he were not, and had no right of exemption, the township was amerced, but if he were in a tithing,-then it was upon the tithing that the amercement fell.
  • There are also indications that in the ancient kingdom of Mercia the tithing was originally a district and not a mere association of persons; but in Northumbria it is doubtful whether the system of frankpledge and tithing, either personal or territorial, was ever established.
  • If, as seems likely, the territorial tithing is older than the personal, each territorial hundred (q.v.) was probably divided into ten tithings.

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