Sentence Examples

  • Generally, by making a' = -oo, the line x'A' may be taken as a straight stream line of infinite length, forming an axis of symmetry; and then by duplica tion the result can be ob A tained, with assigned n, a, and b, of the efflux from a symmetrical converging FIG.
  • The popula tion in 1901 was 2,245,029.
  • Miles, who had already done much to tion in Oman.
  • While through a great crisis due to the conflict of two 0 os g g PP Classifica= from a single trunk, - is to give to science the ensemble tion of sciences.
  • P. de Lamarck (1744-1829) represents most completely, both by his development theory (to be further mentioned below) and by his scheme of classifica- tion, the high-water mark of the popular but cation.