Sentence Examples

  • They also have a two-piece outfit comprising a ruffled micro mini skirt and a halter top; a long-sleeved top with matching boy shorts; a tube top outfit; and a very wild three-piece outfit with a ruffled bikini top, thong and booty shorts.
  • Corporate three-piece suit types like skull tats because they express the cutthroat attitude often applied to get ahead in business, even if they do need to hide their body art during work hours.
  • The site features a full line of Dora the Explorer clothing, including the most popular movie themed items, along with a plethora of two and three-piece Dora outfits.
  • If you love the idea of having a pants suit, but you don't like jackets that cover all the way up, why not look for a cropped jacket or a three-piece suit instead?
  • The dress looks like a three-piece outfit, with a frilly white short-sleeved blouse, a black corset with white laces and a short red skirt with a white petticoat.