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  • There - at the invitation of Thessalians and Thebans - he intervened in the Phocian War.
  • It was originally composed of twelve tribes dwelling round Thermopylae - the Thessalians, Boeotians, Dorians, Ionians, Perrhaebians, Magnetes, Locrians, Oetaeans, Phthiotes, Malians, Phocians (Aeschin.
  • Although the hieromnemones of the Thessalians, who held the presidency, and perhaps of a few other communities, must have been elected, the office was ordinarily, as at Athens, filled by lot.
  • It was this motive which first induced the Thessalians to leave their home in Epirus and descend into this district, and from this movement arose the expulsion of the Boeotians from Arne, and their settlement in the country subsequently called Boeotia; while another wave of the same tide drove the Dorians also southward, whose migrations changed the face of the Peloponnese.
  • The wealth and the semi-Hellenic character of the people - for in race, as in geographical position, the Thessalians held an intermediate place between the nonHellenic Macedonians and the Greeks of pure blood - caused them to be wanting in patriotism, so that at the time of the Persian wars we find the Aleuadae making common cause with the enemies of Greece.

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