Sentence Examples

  • For the very small percentage of young women who do make a living this way, it can be fun and exciting, but very short lived as magazines and media are always looking for the next "miss thang".
  • Whether you're on old-school rap fan longing for the days of "Gin and Juice" or are just looking for some good beats, a Daz Thang MP3 download will fit the bill.
  • Although Daz's album So So Gangsta was released later in 2006, "Daz Thang" was not included on the release, making the single even more highly sought-after.
  • Like Biggie's Juicy, Nuthin' But a G Thang was the public's first introduction to a young rapper who would become one of the genre's biggest stars.
  • Daz Thang is available from Rhapsody in edited, radio single form and the original explicit version.

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