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  • In the compact thalli a secondary development often takes place by the growth of rhizoid-like internal filaments.
  • These structures cannot 3, then be produced from the product of a single spore nor even from the thalli derived from any two spores.
  • The two kinds of 4, thalli Blakeslee considers to have a differentiation 5, of the nature of sex and he distinguishes them as (+) and (-) forms; the former being usually distinguished by a somewhat greater luxuriance of growth.
  • Moller also in 1887 succeeded in growing small lichen-thalli without their algal constituent (gonidia) on nutritive solutions; in the case of Calicium pycnidia were actually produced under these conditions.
  • The cylindrical branches of the fruticose forms are usually radially symmetrical, but the flattened branches of these forms and also the thalli of the foliaceous form show a difference in the cortex of the upper and lower side.

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