Sentence Examples

  • The tergal regions of the mesothorax and of the metathorax are hidden under the pronotum and the elytra when the latter are closed, except that the mesothoracic scutellum is of ten visible - a small triangular or semicircular plate between the bases of the elytra (fig.
  • Tergal ful muscles arising from the thoracic walls, and inserted into the proximal ends of the thighs, N.
  • Tergal C!
  • The dorsal vessel is an elongate tube, Oblique tergal whose abdominal portion is usually c ha m b e r e d, forming a contractile heartfi Io the (g io).) At th ' constrictions between the pericardium l?': ?:' chambers are paired slits, through which the blood passes from the surround Tergo-sternal .
  • A tendency is exhibited to the formation of a metasomatic as well as a prosomatic carapace by fusion of the tergal surfaces of the somites.

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