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  • On the 12th of April he was given the custody of the temporalities, on the 15th of April he was elected, and on the 10th of May provided to the see by a papal bull.
  • The advocati were often great barons who added their function of protector of an abbey to their own temporal sovereignty; whereas the vidames were usually petty nobles, who exercised their office in strict subordination to the bishop. Their chief functions were: to protect the temporalities of the see, to represent the bishop at the count's court of justice, to exercise the bishop's temporal jurisdiction in his name (placitum or curia vice-domini) and to lead the episcopal levies to war.
  • In 1524 he became lord of Friesland by purchase, and in 1528 he acquired the temporalities of Utrecht.
  • Article If abolished the need for reyal exequatur and placet for ecclesiastical publications, but stibordinated the enjoyment of temporalities by bishops and priests to the concession of state exequalur and placet.
  • He let it be understood that the announcement of the appointment of bishops and the request for the royal exequatur might he made to the government impersonally by the congregation of bishops and regulars, by a municipal council or by any other corporate bodya concession of which the bishops were quick to take advantage, but which so irritated Italian political opinion that, in July 1875, the government was compelled to withdra~w the temporalities of ecclesiastics who had neglected to apply for the cxc quatur, and to evict sundry bishops who had taken possession of their palaces without authorization from the state.

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