Sentence Examples

  • With current technological advancements and more employers looking for ways to cut costs while keeping employees happy, they might be willing to flex your time or change your status to that of a part time telecommuting worker.
  • Even when a telecommuting employee is expected to adhere to fixed work hours, the arrangement still provides a significant savings in time spent dressing for work, commuting, and socializing with other employees.
  • Additionally, many freelance writing projects are conducted online or on a telecommuting basis, so writers who live in the Orlando area can also seek freelance work from companies in any corner of the globe.
  • If you are searching for opportunities to earn a living working from home, it's important to target your search to the particular kinds of jobs that companies often hire telecommuting workers to perform.
  • Telework Exchange conducted a study and released the results in the spring of 2008 that indicated that telecommuting employment opportunities in the government are likely to increase in the future.