Sentence Examples

  • The albums second single, "Closer", was the defining song for NIN's commercial success. within a month of its release it was in billboard top 10 charts, and TDS went platinum almost overnight.
  • Weighing in at an hour, TDS was swamped with brutal metal tracks, grimy sleaze-anthems, and even a piano ballad ("Hurt").
  • Transgender Dating Service: TDS is a social dating network oriented toward the transgendered community.
  • If its tension is T the work required to effect this increase of surface will be TdS, and the energy of the film will be increased by this amount.
  • Porphyry says of Origen, Kara Tds rrepi lrpay f caTWV Kai Belot) bo s as `EXX vt cav (Euseb.

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