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  • By whatever term we choose to call it - Classification, Arrangement, Systematizing or Taxonomy - that inquiry which has for its object the discovery of the natural groups into which birds fall, and the mutual relations of those groups, has :,always been one of the deepest interest.
  • It is sufficient here to remark that the author, even then a man of great erudition, must have been aware of the turn which taxonomy was taking; but, not being able to divest himself of the older notion that external characters were superior to those furnished by the study of internal structure, and that Comparative Anatomy, instead of being a part of zoology, was something distinct from it, he seems to have endeavoured to form a scheme which, while not running wholly counter to the teachings of Comparative Anatomists, should yet rest ostensibly on external characters.
  • The " Passerinae," that is to say, the true Passeres, are split into eight families, not wholly with judgment, 2 but of their taxonomy more is to be said presently.
  • References to works dealing with the taxonomy and geographical distribution of scorpions are given at the end of this article (28).
  • Xvii., 1862; Kraepelin, Das Thierreich (Berlin, 1901); Pocock, " Taxonomy of Solifugae," Ann.

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