Sentence Examples

  • There are no large beasts of prey, and neither the elephant, the rhinoceros nor the tapir is represented.
  • The only mammal actually associated with the plants appears to be a species of tapir, a genus which in Europe seems to be characteristically Miocene and Older Pliocene.
  • The closure of the orbit behind distinguishes the skull of the horse from that of its allies the rhinoceros and tapir, and also from all of the perissodactyles of the Eocene period.
  • Two species of bear and the "coati" (Nasua) represent the plantigrades and inhabit the mountain slopes, and, of Pachydermata, the peccary (Dicotyles) and "danta" or tapir (Tapirus) have a wide distribution throughout the lowland and lower plateau forests.
  • The Colombian tapir is known as the Tapirus Roulini, and is slightly smaller than the Brazilian species (T.

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