Sentence Examples

  • Still, even in the region of pure mathematics, his 1 The passage is sufficiently remarkable to deserve quotation in the original: - "Le parti della Terra hanno tal propensione al centro di essa, the quando ella cangiasse luogo, le dette parti, benche lontane dal globo nel tempo delle mutazioni di esso, lo seguirebbero per tutto; esempio di cio sia it seguito perpetuo delle Medicee, ancorche separate continuamente da Giove.
  • In form all these poems belong to two or three classes: - kvioa, an epic " cantilena "; tal, a genealogical poem; drapa, songs of praise, &c., written in modifications of the old Teutonic metre which we know in Beowulf; galdr and lokkr, spell and charm songs in a more lyric measure; and mal, a dialogue poem, and liod, a lay, in elegiac measure suited to the subject.
  • Noregs Konunga-tal, now called Fagrskinna, is a Norse compendium of the Kings' Lives from Halfdan the Black to Sverri's accession, probably written for King Haakon, to whom it was read on his death-bed.
  • On the other hand e was wholly free from that quality which he ascribed to Lord eorge Sackville, a man "apt to take a sort of undecided, equ vocal, narrow ground, that evades the substantial merits of the qu stion, and puts the whole upon some temporary, local, accide tal or personal consideration."
  • As early as 1867 he wrote La Hija natural, which was rejected, and remained unknown till 1877, when it appeared with the title of Para tal culpa tal Pena.

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