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  • As the /see' is longer than a synodic revolution of the moon, the sun cannot arrive twice at a chung-ki during the same lunation; and as there are only twelve tsee, the year can contain only twelve months having different names.
  • Long before the exact length of the year was determined, it must have been perceived that the synodic revolution.
  • The month, however, being a convenient period of time, has retained its place in the calendars of all nations; but, instead of denoting a synodic revolution of the moon, it is usually employed to denote an arbitrary number of days approaching to the twelfth part of a solar year.
  • The Months Now Consisted Of Twenty Nine And Thirty Days Alternately, To Correspond With The Synodic Revolution Of The Moon, So That The Year Contained 354 Days; But A Day Was Added To Make The Number Odd, Which Was Considered More Fortunate, And The Year Therefore Consisted Of 355 Days.

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