Sentence Examples

  • "In the single row," says Evelyn (Sylva, p. 29, 1664), "it makes the noblest and the stateliest hedges for long Walks in Gardens or Parks, of any Tree whatsoever whose leaves are deciduous."
  • There are many fine trees in Scotland; one near Roseneath, figured by Strutt in his Sylva Britannica, then measured more than 22 ft.
  • In his Sylva sylvarum (1627), Francis Bacon states that " the original concretion of bitumen is a mixture of a fiery and watery substance," and observes that flame " attracts " the naphtha of Babylon " afar off."
  • Of Rumania, widely known by her literary name of "Carmen Sylva," was born on the 29th of December 1843.
  • "Carmen Sylva" wrote with facility in German, Rumanian, French and English.