Sentence Examples

  • Aello and Ocypete, daughters of Thaumas and Electra, winged goddesses with beautiful locks, swifter than winds and birds in their flight, and their domain is the air.
  • Per second, while the swifter class (meeting the earth like the Leonids of November) have a velocity of about 44 m.
  • Or &ryapota Babylonian word: see ANGAIUA) the government despatches travel swifter than the crane along the great imperial highways, which are all provided with regular postal stations (cf.
  • Notwithstanding these disabilities, there has been in modern times a new development in the trade of some canals, born of a realization that for certain classes of goods water-transport is cheaper than the swifter railtransport.
  • But his navy was not yet strong enough to hold off all raids: it was not till the very end of his reign that he perfected it by building long ships that were nigh twice as large as those of the heathen; some had 60 oars, some more; and they were both steadier and swifter and lighter than the others, and were shaped neither after the Frisian nor after the Danish fashion, but as it seemed to himself that they would be most handy.

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