Sentence Examples

  • If you've ever scoured the hair color aisle in any major supermarket or beauty supply store, you've most likely seen a swatch guide filled with confusing numbers and alluring names to define a color formula.
  • Swatch watches are known as a trendy watch worn by upper and middle class suburbanites, but the Swatch collectibles are also popular with the crowd that just loves watches with precision and lots of style.
  • Purchasing hair pieces without glancing at a swatch is a major risk, particularly because many computer monitors may have their settings either too bright or too dark to relay colors accurately.
  • Singularity: Although distinguished watchmakers like Tissot had already pioneered plastic bands and cases, Swatch was the first company to create plastic watches with varied colors and patterns.
  • For example, the full-button jersey with bottom sleeve looks very much like a classic baseball uniform from a century ago, except for the swatch of color on the underside of the shirt.