Sentence Examples

  • Nor di,d this seem impossible; he owned a far broader and wealthier domain beyond the Channel than did his nominal suzerain King Louis VII., andwhat was of more importancehe far excelled that prince both in vigour and in capacity.
  • This was to be but the first of many disappointments in this direction; there was apparently some fatal scruple, both in Henrys own mind and in that of his continental subjects, as to pressing their suzerain too hard.
  • In the meanwhile it continues to pay each of the suzerain powers £ 4 o a year, levied by a tax on pastures.
  • His attempt to carve a principality for his son out of Moldavia, which Poland regarded as her vassal, led to the outbreak in 1651 of a third war between subject and suzerain, which speedily assumed the dignity and the dimensions of a crusade.
  • In 1330 the voivode John Bassaraba 1 or Bazarab the Great (1310-38) succeeded in inflicting a crushing defeat on his suzerain King Charles I.

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