Sentence Examples

  • The grand khan was the lord paramount or suzerain of the Russian princes, and he had the force required for making his authority respected.
  • Of Muscovy, while, as suzerain of Moldavia, John Albert was favourably situated for attacking the Turks.
  • As representing the pope, the suzerain of Henry, he claimed the regency and actually divided the chief power with William Marshal, earl of Pembroke.
  • By a treaty made between Great Britain and Siam in 1902 the northern Malay states of the peninsula were admitted to lie within the Siamese sphere of influence, but by a treaty of 1909 Siam ceded her suzerain rights over the states of Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah and Perlis to Britain.
  • Those of the Volga and the Don professed allegiance to the tsar of Muscovy, whilst those of the Dnieper recognized at first as their suzerain the king of Poland.

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