Sentence Examples

  • The so-called " Sumerian Family Laws " are thus preserved.
  • So, for -example, the word for " name " may be written by a sign MU, or it may be written out by two signs shu-mu, the one sign MU representing the " Sumerian " word for " name," which, however, in the case of a Babylonian or Assyrian text must be read as shumu - the Semitic equivalent of the Sumerian MU.
  • The present writer in his Materials for a Sumerian Lexicon has mentioned this ruling phenomenon again and again.
  • Examples of this, the leading principle which was followed by the framers of the Sumerian system, might be cited almost ad infinitum.
  • Facts of this character taken by themselves would perhaps be sufficient to convince most philologists that in Sumerian we have an arbitrarily compounded cryptography just as Halevy believes, but these facts cannot be taken by themselves, as the evidences of the purely linguistic basis of Sumerian are stronger than these apparent proofs of its artificial character.

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