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  • Deposits of sulphur are frequently formed by the decomposition of hydrogen sulphide, on exposure to the atmosphere: hence natural sulphureous waters, especially hot springs, readily deposit sulphur.
  • There is, in addition, a series of bacteria which decompose sulphureous compounds and utilize the element thus liberated in their protoplasm (see Bacteriology).
  • The Hot Springs, Which Are Of Sulphureous Quality, And Have A Temperature Of From 109° To 113° F., Are Still Much Frequented, Attracting Annually Many Thousands Of Visitors.
  • The waters are chalybeate, sulphureous and saline, and some of the springs possess all these qualities to a greater or less extent.
  • Within a mile of Hammam Meskutin are ferruginous and sulphureous springs.

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