Sentence Examples

  • Jacobone, Ricerche sulfa storia e la topografia di Canosa Antica (Canosa di Puglia, 1905).
  • Littre, however, takes the word to be Old Celtic, and meaning "genius," and states that it occurs in such forms as sulfa, sylfi, &c., in inscriptions, or latinized as sulevae or suleviae.
  • Amongst its members the following may be mentioned: Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus, tribune of the people 104 B.C., brought forward a law (lex Domitia de Sacerdotiis) by which the priests of the superior colleges were to be elected by the people in the comitia tributa (seventeen of the tribes voting) instead of by co-optation; the law was repealed by Sulfa, revived by Julius Caesar and (perhaps) again repealed by Marcus Antonius, the triumvir (Cicero, De Lege Agraria, ii.