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  • True Baltic amber is distinguished by its yield of succinic acid, for many of the other fossil resins which are often termed amber contain either none of it, or only a very small proportion; hence the name "succinite" proposed by Professor.
  • Succinite has a hardness between 2 and 3,.
  • The Baltic amber or succinite is found as irregular nodules in a marine glauconitic sand, known as "blue earth," occurring in the Lower Oligocene strata of Samland in East Prussia, where it is now systematically mined.
  • Whilst succinite is the common variety of European amber, the following varieties also occur: Gedanite, or "brittle amber," closely resembling succinite, but much more brittle, not quite so hard, with a lower meltingpoint and containing no succinic acid.
  • Allingite, a fossil resin allied to succinite, from Switzerland.

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