Sentence Examples

  • A small group of dehydrogenases including succinate dehydrogenase (an enzyme in the citric acid cycle) produce FADH 2 rather than NADH.
  • Gastrocnemius muscle succinate dehydrogenase activity tended to decrease and the number of leucocytes tended to increase with cage size.
  • Display Answer Question 3 The enzyme succinate dehydrogenase is involved in the Kreb 's cycle of cellular respiration.
  • Rotenone (an organic insecticide isolated from powdered derris roots) blocks respiration with all NAD-linked substrates, but leaves succinate oxidation intact.
  • Impetigo: erythromycin; erythromycin ethyl succinate; erythromycin stearate; fusidic acid; and sodium fusidate.

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