Sentence Examples

  • With the mouth into a single exterior opening), there is a terminal opening, the rhynchostome (subterminal in Valencinia), at the foremost tip of the body, out of which the proboscis is seen shooting backwards and forwards, sometimes with so much force that both its interior attachments are severed and it is entirely expelled from the body.
  • - Elongated cylindrical animals either with a single subterminal sucker at the proximal end, or with the corresponding end of the body converted into a mobile undulatory fold.
  • Some of the feathers of the straw-coloured throat and cheeks partake of the same structure, but in a less degree, while the subterminal part of the lamina is of a lustrous pearly-white.
  • The mouth is terminal or subterminal; there is a weak sucking pharynx situated behind the brain, and a long intestine lying along the medio-ventral body-cavity; it ends in a cloaca which receives the vasa deferentia in the male.
  • Genital opening subterminal, behind the last pair of fully developed legs; oviduct without receptacula seminis or receptacula ovorum; the terminal unpaired portion of vas deferens short.