Sentence Examples

  • Genital opening subterminal behind the last pair of legs; oviduct with receptaculum seminis, without receptaculum ovorum; unpaired part of vas deferens very short; accessory glands two, opening medianly and dorsally.
  • Genital opening subterminal, behind the last pair of fully developed legs; oviduct without receptacula seminis or receptacula ovorum; the terminal unpaired portion of vas deferens short.
  • The mouth is terminal or subterminal; there is a weak sucking pharynx situated behind the brain, and a long intestine lying along the medio-ventral body-cavity; it ends in a cloaca which receives the vasa deferentia in the male.
  • Some of the feathers of the straw-coloured throat and cheeks partake of the same structure, but in a less degree, while the subterminal part of the lamina is of a lustrous pearly-white.
  • - Elongated cylindrical animals either with a single subterminal sucker at the proximal end, or with the corresponding end of the body converted into a mobile undulatory fold.

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