Sentence Examples

  • The distance of the lucid points was the tangent of the magnified angles subtended by the stars to a radius of io ft.
  • In Great Britain the curvature is defined by stating the length of the radius, expressed in chains (i chain=66 ft.), in America by stating the angle subtended by a chord ioo ft.
  • In the course of constructions for surfaces to reflect to one and the same point (1) all rays in whatever direction passing through another point, (2) a set of parallel rays, Anthemius assumes a property of an ellipse not found in Apollonius (the equality of the angles subtended at a.
  • By geometrical consideration it can be shown that the angle subtended by p, as seen from F, must be inversely as the square of its distance r.
  • The potential at any point due to a magnetic shell is the product of its strength into the solid angle w subtended by its edge at the given point, or V = Fu.