Sentence Examples

  • Here congregated hundreds of the younger szlachta, fresh from their school benches, whence they brought nothing but a smattering of Latin and a determination to make their way by absolute subservience to their "elder brethren," the pans.
  • Corruption seems to be very rare, but instances of subservience to powerful political groups sometimes shake public confidence.
  • Here, as elsewhere, he was surrounded by an atmosphere of subservience to his wealth, and being in the habit of lording it over these people, he treated them with absent-minded contempt.
  • Calculating on his loyal subservience, James appointed his brother-in-law, Lord Clarendon, to succeed Ormonde.
  • Though Henrys taxes were vexatious and never-ending, thotigh his subservience to the pope and his flighty interference in foreign politics were ever irritating the magnates condition and the people, and though outbreaks of turbulence of England were not unknown during his long period of personal under rule, it would yet be a mistake to regard the central I~eIIS~ III.

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