Sentence Examples

  • But there was no harmony among his subordinates, his military plans failed and soon all parties were tacitly ignoring him.
  • According to Comte the only practical method of social regeneration is gradually to inculcate the true social feeling which subordinates itself to the welfare of others.
  • Although brought about by the Terrorists, the tragic fall of Robespierre put an end to the Reign of Terror; for their chiefs having disappeared, the subordinates were too much Thfrd divided to keep up the dictatorship of the third commiUee Committee of Public Safety, and reaction soon set in.
  • Mere subordinates while the royal power was strong, they had become, owing to the frequent minorities, and to civil wars which broke the tradition of obedience, the all-powerful ministers of kings nominally absolute but without any real authority.
  • On the other hand, the type of thought which would perfect Christianity in the form of a philosophy, and subordinates Atonement to Incarnation, is pledged to this doctrine that Incarnation was a rational necessity.

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