Sentence Examples

  • Other east African monkeys with a similar type of colouring, which, together with the wholly black west African C. satanas, collectively constitute the subgenus Guereza, may be included under the same title; and the name may be further extended to embrace all the African thumbless monkeys of the genus Colobus.
  • The members of the subgenus Guereza present a transition from a wholly black animal (C. satanas) to one (C. caudatus) in which the sides of the face are white, and the whole flanks, as well as the tail, clothed with a long fringe of pure white hairs.
  • Brachypus, we may consider the genus Rhinoceros to commence; these species constituting the subgenus Teleoceras.
  • (Dicerorhinus) sumatrensis of south-eastern Asia indicates another subgenus, represented in the European Miocene by R.
  • Next we have the living African species, representing the subgenus Diceros, in which there are two horns but no front teeth.

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