Sentence Examples

  • The Earth is protected from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays by a layer of ozone in the stratosphere section of the atmosphere.
  • Much like the "smiley face" t shirt, forever apart of our cultural consciousness, and immortalized in the blockbuster smash Forrest Gump, the Three Wolf Moon T shirt, is inching towards that kind of stratosphere popularity.
  • The circulation of this single issue is larger than that of any other magazine in the world, and an appearance here can send a model's career into the stratosphere.
  • Whether you want to take the dress into the stratosphere by pairing it with heels, or you want to tone it down by pairing it with a wrap, the choice is yours.
  • Listed below is a breakdown of the attributes and events that brought about the phenomenon and drove the value of Swatch collectibles into the stratosphere.