Sentence Examples

  • These include the mutual distances of some of the stars in the Pleiades, a few observations of the apparent diameter of the sun, others of the distance of the moon from neighbouring stars, and a great number of measurements of the diameter of the moon.
  • I should be given a small room as a favor, the soldiers would violate my father's newly dug grave to steal his crosses and stars, they would tell me of their victories over the Russians, and would pretend to sympathize with my sorrow... thought Princess Mary, not thinking her own thoughts but feeling bound to think like her father and her brother.
  • Death lets you see the stars and the moon instead of how dark the night is.
  • It was used by him in his earliest observations of double stars (1779-1783); but, even in his hands, the measurements were comparatively crude, because of the difficulties he had to encounter from the want of a parallactic mounting.
  • In the case of close double stars he estimated the distance in terms of the disk of the components.

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