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  • These are generally regarded as mere archaisms, and unfortunately the majority of them are in words of whose origin and meaning very little is known, so that (for all we can tell) in many the -s- may represent -ss- or -psas in osatu = Lat.
  • Chem., 1909, 6 9, p. 1 57), in a study of the dissociation isotherms over 300°-850°, detected molecules of Ss, S6 and S2, whilst S i appears to exist below pressures of 30 mm.
  • The colloidal sulphur, Ss, described by Debus as a product of the interaction of sulphuretted hydrogen and sulphur dioxide in aqueous solution, is regarded by Spring (Rec. tra y.
  • This was determined Southern boundary on the north-west by the Russo-Afghan Boundary Coin of Russia m i ss i on of 1884-1886.
  • To the right (in the figure) of the rectal peduncle is seen the deeply invaginated shell-gland ss, with a secretion sh protruding from it.

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