Sentence Examples

  • SPOROZOA, a large and most important section of the Protozoa, all the members of which are exclusively parasitic in habitat.
  • Sporozoa differ greatly as regards the effects which they produce upon their hosts.
  • Correlated with the mode of life are the two features character istic of all Sporozoa: (a) They absorb only fluid nutriment, osmotically, and so lack any organs for ingesting and digesting solid food; and (b) they reproduce by sporulation, i.e.
  • Further, most if not all forms of Sporozoa 'undergo sexual conjugation at some period or other of the life-cycle.
  • The recognition of this fact is expressed, at the present day, by the division of the Sporozoa into several well-defined orders, which are grouped in two main divisions, each containing more or less closely related forms. One of these groups consists of the Gregarines, Coccidia and Haer_aosporidia (qq.v.).