Sentence Examples

  • The Mycomycetes may be divided as follows: (A) forms bearing both sporangia and conidia (see Fungi), (B) forms bearing conidia only, e.g.
  • A, Fertile shoot, springing B, C, Sporophylls bearing sporangia, from the rhizome, which which in C have opened.
  • Some shoots are sterile while others are fertile, bearing at the apex the so-called fructification - a dense oval, oblong conical or cylindrical spike, consisting of a number of shortly-stalked peltate scales, each of which has attached to its under surface a circle of spore-cases (sporangia) which open by a longitudinal slit on their inner side.
  • Sporangia Sporangia are the airborne spores of the blight pathogen and are responsible for the rapid spread of the disease in crops.
  • Numerous semi-papillate, deciduous, sympodial sporangia were observed in addition to hyaline to light brown, large chlamydospores.

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