Sentence Examples

  • Treatment usually includes frequent monitoring of red blood counts, antibiotics for infections, transfusions for aplastic crises and splenic sequestration when required, and oxygen as well as respiratory support for chest syndrome.
  • Acute splenic sequestration-Retention of blood in the spleen.
  • The splenic type is somewhat smaller than Wright's parasite; the former, when pear-shaped, is from 31 to 4 p..
  • Rayer in 1850 and Davaine had observed the bacilli in the blood of animals dead of anthrax (splenic fever), and Pollender discovered them anew in 1855 In 1863, imbued with ideas derived from Pasteur's researches on fermentation, Davaine reinvestigated the matter, and put forth the opinion that the anthrax bacilli caused the splenic fever; this was proved to result from inoculation.
  • Koch in 1876 published his observations on Davaine's bacilli, placed beyond doubt their causal relation to splenic fever, discovered the spores and the saprophytic phase in the life-history of the organism, and cleared up important points in the whole question (figs.