Sentence Examples

  • The typhoid organism was not found to be taken off from the decomposing masses of semi-liquid filth largely contaminated with a culture of bacillus typhosus; but, on the other hand, it was abundantly proved that it could grow over moist surfaces of stones, &c. Certain disease-producing organisms, such as the bacillus of tetanus and malignant oedema, appear to be universally distributed in soil, while others, as the bacillus typhosus and spirillum cholerae, appear to have only a local distribution.
  • Bacillus subtilis, Cohn, and Spirillum undula, Ehrenb.
  • Spirillum rubrum, Esmarsch.
  • Spore - formation in O Vibrio- like (c) and o' I O Spirillum-like (a, b, d) o Schizomycetes.
  • Spirillum containing many spores (a), which are liberated at b by the breaking up of the parent cells.

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