Sentence Examples

  • Hale devised on the same principle the " spectroheliograph," an instrument by which the sun's disk can be photographed in calcium-light by imparting a rapid movement to its image relatively to the sensitive plate; and the method has proved in many ways fruitful.
  • He invented the spectroheliograph first used in 1892 for photographing solar prominences and won an international reputation for his solar and stellar spectroscopic work.
  • For details of the coelostat applied to the Snow telescope - the most perfect installation for spectroheliograph and bolometer work yet erected - see The Study of Stellar Evolution by Prof. G.
  • SPECTROHELIOGRAPH, an instrument for photographing the sun with monochromatic light.
  • The calcium flocculi, on account of the brilliant reversals of the H and K lines to which they give rise, and the protection to the plate afforded by the diffuse dark bands in which these bright lines occur, are easily photographed with a spectroheliograph of low dispersion.

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