Sentence Examples

  • These latter problems are the province of criminal anthropology and criminal sociology, sciences so called because they view crime as the outcome of anthropological and social conditions.
  • The Pali books written in Ceylon, Burma and Siam will be our best and oldest, and in many respects our only, authorities for the sociology and politics, the literature and the religion, of their respective countries.
  • Ethics here stands to sociology in a close relation, similar, in many respects, to that which we find in Hegel and in Comte.
  • He sought relief in active literary occupation, in politics, sociology and psychology.
  • When he wrote his Logic he had learned from Comte that the a posteriori method - in the form which he chose to call "inverse deduction" - was the only mode of arriving at truth in general sociology; and his admission of this at once renders the essay obsolete.

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