Sentence Examples

  • The chloride, SmCl 2, is a brown crystalline powder which is decomposed by water with liberation of hydrogen and the formation of the oxide, Sm 2 O 3, and an oxychloride, SmOC1.
  • Sm, Site of the as yet unformed mouth.
  • Whether B, Formation of the first sporethe association of nuclei in the mother-cell (sm), from the ordinary mycelium takes place basal cell (a) of one of the by the migration of a nucleus rows of spores.
  • From one cell to another or C, A further stage in which whether two daughter nuclei from sm l the first aecidiobecome conjugate in one cell, spore (a) and the intercalary is not yet clear.
  • ~ arm with nbt be strong nbt stick man with n~lt be strong n~t jj stick ~ lungs and sm; sm~

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