Sentence Examples

  • Sm, Site of the as yet unformed mouth.
  • 1, C, sm, m - jointed on to the submentum, while the galeae, laciniae and palps remain distinct.
  • A, Front; B, side; C, back; v, vertex; f, frons; cl, clypeus; lbr, labrum; oc, compound eye; ge, gena; mn, mandible; ca, st, pa, ga, la, cardo, stipes, palp, galea, lacinia of first maxilla; sm, m, pa', pg, submentum, mentum, palp, galea of 2nd maxilla.
  • +amaa.)sm, (ll, v; m P -"O a an + (l l + v) (ll +2 v) (m (11 +3v) +...], m - 2 2  !2 a 0 a 1 aan +2 !
  • SAMARIUM [[[symbol]] Sm, atomic weight 150.4 (0= 16)1, a rare earth metal (see Rare Earths).

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