Sentence Examples

  • Siphons are sometimes used to carry the water over an undulating grade and thereby save the expense of a deep rock cutting.
  • A cormidium may contain a single nutritive siphon (" monogastric ") or several siphons (" polygastric ").
  • Pipes conveying the water of an aqueduct across a valley and following the contour of the sides are sometimes called siphons, though they do not depend on the principle of the above instrument.
  • In the former will be found such things as siphons," Hero's fountain," penny-in-theslot "machines, a fire-engine, a water-organ, and arrangements employing the force of steam.
  • The solution is removed by ladles or by siphons, and the residue is leached out with boiling water; this removes the sulphates.