Sentence Examples

  • Another quasinegative notion of more restricted distribution is that of the mysterious or strange, as we have it expressed, for example, in the Siouan wakan, though possibly this is a derivative meaning.
  • The name Iowa (meaning "sleepy ones") was taken from a tribe of Siouan Indians (probably of Winnebago stock), which for some time had dwelt in that part of the country and were still there when the first white men came - the Frenchmen,.
  • Col.; Sastean, Or.; Shahaptian, Or.; Shoshonean, Interior Basin; Siouan, Mo.
  • Muskhogean tribes were potters, but Siouan tribes, as a rule, in all the Mississippi drainage were not.
  • Dorsey, A Study of Siouan Cults, in No.

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