Sentence Examples

  • Shepard, in the "American Statesmen Series" (revised ed., Boston, 1899).
  • To protect the court and the national arsenal at Springfield, for which the Federal government was powerless to provide a guard, MajorGeneral William Shepard (1737-1817) ordered out the militia, called for volunteers, and supplied them with arms from the arsenal, and the court sat for three days.
  • Dall, Alaska and its Resources (Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1870) (also papers by Bur.
  • Shepard, meant to sell it for one cent, but under the arguments of Greeley he was persuaded to fix the price at two cents.
  • During Shays's rebellion there was a riot here in September 1786, and on the 25th of January 1787 the insurgent forces under Daniel Shays attacked the arsenal, but were dispersed by the militia under Brigadier-General William Shepard (1737-1817).