Sentence Examples

  • 30 Shawall (Shawwal) 29 Dulkaada (Dhu'L Qa`Da) 30 Dulheggia (Dhu'L Hijja) 29 And In Intercalary Years..
  • He himself died on the 14th Shawwal 86 (9th October 705) at the age of about sixty.
  • Ilarashi fled to Merwan, Ibn Omar to Hira, which, after a siege of two months, he was obliged to surrender in Shawwal 127 (August A.D.
  • Not many months later (Shawwal 126) he was confirmed in his post by Yusuf b.
  • Then, on the st Shawwal (15th June 747), the first solemn meeting took place and the black flags were unfolded.

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