Sentence Examples

  • But they were reluctant to face an immediate dissolution, and the Septennial Act was passed (1716) to extend to seven.
  • Hasselt is best known for its great septennial fete held on the day of Assumption, August 15th.
  • He hated Dissenters, and stock-jobbers, the excise and the army, septennial parliaments, and Continental connexions.
  • This new and obedient legislature, to which only nineteen liberals were returned, made itself into a septennial parliament, thus providing time, it was thought, to restore some part of the ancien regime.
  • The Lords were at this time, as a matter of fact, not merely wealthier but wiser than the Commons; and it is no wonder that, in days when the Commons, by passing the Septennial Act, had shown their distrust of their own constituents, the peers should show, by the Peerage Bill, their distrust of that House which was elected by those constituencies.