Sentence Examples

  • Schwartz, Stammtafel des preussischen Konigshauses (Breslau 1898); Hohenzollernsche Forschungen, Jahrbuch fir die Geschichte der Hohenzollern, edited by C. Meyer (Berlin, 1891-1902); Hohenzollern Jahrbuch, Forschungen and Abbildungen zur Geschichte der Hohenzollern in Brandenburg-Preussen, edited by Seidel (Leipzig, 18 971903), and T.
  • Seidel (Astr.
  • Abhandl., 1891, 17, p. 519), who also published a posthumous paper of Seidel containing a short view of his work (Munchen.
  • Von Rohr, Die Bilderzeugung in optischen Instrumenten, pp. 3 1 7-3 2 3) have represented Kerber's method, and have deduced the Seidel formulae from geometrical considerations based on the Abbe method, and have interpreted the analytical results geometrically (pp. 212-316).
  • 1), who thus discovered the aberrations of the 5th order (of which there are nine), and possibly the shortest proof of the practical (Seidel) formulae.

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