Sentence Examples

  • Scudamore, second secretary to the Post Office, to inquire and report whether the electric telegraph service could be beneficially worked by the Post Office, and whether it would entail any very large expenditure on the.
  • In 1869 Mr Scudamore estimated the operating expenses at 51 to 56 per cent.
  • Reports to the Postmaster-General upon proposals for transferring to the Post Of f ice the Telegraphs throughout the United Kingdom (1868); Special Reports from Select Committee on the Electric Telegraphs Bills (1868, 1869); Report by Mr Scudamore on the reorganization of the Telegraph system of the United Kingdom (1871); Journ.
  • - Mr Scudamore (Notitia Eucharistica, 2nd ed.
  • Scudamore, Notitia eucharistica (2nd ed., London, 1876); and art.

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