Sentence Examples

  • The saurians or lizards are numerous, chiefly on dry sandy or rocky ground in the tropical region.
  • The bone-bed of Axmouth in Devonshire and Westbury and Aust in Gloucestershire, in the Penarth or Rhaetic series of strata, contains the scales, teeth and bones of saurians and fishes, together with abundance of coprolites; but neither there nor at Lyme Regis is there a sufficient quantity of phosphatic material to render the working of it for agricultural purposes remunerative.
  • Another well-known bed, formerly known as the "Bristol" or "Lias" Bone Bed, exists in the form of several thin layers of micaceous sandstone, with the remains of fish and saurians, which occur in the Rhaetic Black Paper Shales that lie above the Keuper marls in the south-west of England.
  • Fossil remains of saurians of gigantic size have been found; one thigh bone measures 6 ft.
  • Their fossils include belemnites, ammonites, scaphites and marine saurians, such as Cimoliosaurus.

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